There would be no such a thing as custom bike if there were no creativity. Our main goal is to turn our ideas into reality. However, we try to be innovative and we cannot imagine that we recreate something that already exists and we sell those bikes as ours. We always come up with our own ideas which lead to our next value.


If you want to buy a regular bike just like any other, this is not a web site for you. Just take a look at our bikes. You will not find anything like that. We put a lot of effort to make our SKULL bikes unique. We choose our products after long selection. We put a great emphasis on design and usability. The combination of these two factors is a key to our uniqueness.


There is no place for any random part in our café racers. We care for every detail. Our bikes are our projects from a to z. That’s why in our custom bikes you can find a bottle of whisky, or dice. We carefully select all of our products, creating a safe piece of art.


It takes time to produce such café racer for sale. First, we need inspiration. Later it is time to use our creativity and do it in our way. Finally, we move to the production. We are perfectionists so we cannot work in rush. The whole production of SKULL bike takes some time, but it is worth it after all.


If you have a vision of your dreamed café racer but you can’t make it, don’t worry. We can do it for you. We are open for any suggestion from our clients, because we truly believe that any thought form our customers is very relevant and can make our custom bike even more personalized.


That is the final result of our work. The aim is simple: to blow your mind. It is the combination of all values mentioned above: creativity, uniqueness, solicitude, time and openness. Each of these factors has a huge impact on our final product and the smile on our customers faces.


We are crazy about motorbikes, especially custom bikes. Our team consists of two guys: Andrzej and Tomek. Both of us have permanent jobs and we work with the bikes in the afternoons. Why? We don’t take this as a job. It is love and passion. It helps us to relax and makes us happy.

We produce such custom bikes as: café racers, scramblers, brat styles, and bobbers. Our main goal is to make a safe piece of art. We are trying to make our café racers as unique as possible. Buying a scrambler, bobber, or any other custom bike from us, you can be sure it is made with solicitude, passion and love. You can check our café racers for sale, or our gallery, which helps you to get the taste of what we do. In terms of the delivery , we are very flexible and you can order our SKULL bike to any address all over the world, as long as it is possible to get there. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.